Cable and battery charger

Apple mobile phone and laptop charger :

One of the most essential accessories for mobile phones, laptops and even tablets is the charger. If you have the best charger and laptop, but it doesn't have a charger, it won't work for you. Especially at this time when most of the work is done with cell phones and laptops and their usage is high and the charge drains quickly. Because of this, most users look for fast charging or fast charging so that they can charge the devices in the shortest time possible.

Types of mobile and laptop chargers:

Based on wireless and cordless chargers and their application, they are divided into three groups: lighter, wireless and wall charger.

Lighter Charger:

This mobile charger model is for in-car use and is the best device for people who use their phone a lot and need a charger everywhere.

Wall Charger:

This charger is basically a series for the charger. These models are mainly used as fast charging and thanks to the high resistance of the wall charger, they prevent any damage to your phone and tablet.

Wireless Charger:

This type of charger is the newest type of phone and tablet charger that can be used for all phones today.

Online purchase of chargers and charging cables:

Today, since most people prefer to shop online and mostly search for their products online, we have been able to collect a number of products on your site for your well-being. Sales of smart devices and their accessories such as chargers, charging cables, types of main chargers, etc. They are carried out on this site.

Make sure you use a quality charger and charging cable as this will extend the battery life and this will save you from having to replace the battery or even your phone or laptop too soon. .

We put the original products here for you, so shop safely.
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 شارژر USB-C 30W
کابل لایتینگ اصلی اپل
شارژر مک بوک پرو USB-C 16W
شارژر مک بوک ایر ۴۵ وات ( magesafe2 45w )
مبدل USB-C اپل مدل Digital av